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8 Ball Pool

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8 Ball Pool review

8 Ball Pool is designed for everyone who wants to plunge into the world of virtual billiards, playing several games with players from all over the world. One of the most popular versions of billiards is a kind of "eight" - a game where you need to score balls in a strictly defined order.

Basic Tips

The very process of playing billiards is shown to us in "8 Ball Pool", as in most billiard simulators, from above - it is easier to follow the balls and pockets. It is not difficult to remember the rules of the "eight" - to break through the first blow, wait for the first pocketed ball - striped or solid color, remember the setting for the color of the balls, hammer them as far as possible with the help of a white ball - a cue ball, and then end the game with a pen into a black pocket ball.

Choose Your Mode

You have several options to test your abilities: play 1x1, participate in a large-scale tournament with several players, or confront your friends. Perhaps the most interesting mode is the tournament, here competitions are held in several cities - London, Sydney or even Moscow, very tangible prizes and cups are given for victory. Only not everything will be available initially - in order to compete in high-level competition, you will need to raise your level by gaining experience from matches of a lower rank. 

Practice Makes Perfect

It is clear that it will not be possible to fully reliably transfer the real billiards simulator to mobile screens, but the developers of 8 Ball Pool tried to do their best. The game gives you the opportunity to adjust the force of the blow and aim more carefully with it using some outline lines - indicating the position of the cue and the direction of movement of the ball according to all the laws of physics in case of hitting it. However, in difficult modes, such hints disappear, so it is better to train without looking back on game help.

8 Ball Pool

3 / 5

Author: Miniclip.com
Latest Version: 4.7.7
Publish Date: 2020-04-01
Size: 60M