Ducati “The H4MM4” Speedway by Wreckless

Speedway is not an environment to which, at first glance, the name Ducati would be associated, but this has certainly not prevented the British Wreckless Motorcycles from creating a special for this discipline on a Ducati basis and, to be more precise, dedicated to the British Formula 1 hero Lewis Hamilton. Continue reading “Ducati “The H4MM4” Speedway by Wreckless”

BMW R18: Here it is: Availability

It’s been exactly one year since BMW invited us to Austin, Texas, to see live that Birdcage made by Revival Cycles that marked the second step on the path that led us to see – finally – the R18. A path passed for two other concepts, the first unveiled at Villa d’Este and the second between EICMA and MBE, before arriving at this final version, which of course will be the first of a family based on that “big boxer” of which BMW are rightly so proud. Continue reading “BMW R18: Here it is: Availability”