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Candy Crush Saga review

Released in 2012, Candy Crush Saga won over millions of gamers, and today the game has 189 levels! The game is a variant of cascading "three in a row". Each level has a special shape of the playing grid and is filled with colorful candies and obstacles.


Swap adjacent candies to get sets of three identical colors. After which, they will disappear, and everything that was on top will fall on the formed place. It is important to reach the goal of the level in the allotted number of moves and earn enough points to get a star. Collecting more than three candies in a row, you create magic boosters, they will help you pass the most difficult levels. Before you start playing Candy Crush Saga, find out the main secret of the game: there are 3 types of levels with different tasks: jelly; sweets to the account; ingredients of sweets. The game mechanism is always the same: we combine sweets from three in a row, but the strategy for passing is very different! The goal of the ingredient level is to lower the item to the bottom, removing the candy directly below them. When the Candy Crush Saga game sets a plan for achieving points, try to play with combos and use as many special candies as possible to get the score you want! 


First of all, the product pleased us with its very joyful graphics. The game is made in a bright, fabulous environment, where players will visit more than two thousand levels with different fauna, geometry, and various architectural elements against the background of a constant playing surface.

Replay value

In Candy Crush Saga, you have to plunge into the world of the sweet kingdom. The main character of the game is a girl named Tiffi, and you will also be accompanied by Mr. Toffee, with whom you will need to go through hundreds of levels and collect as many sweets as you have never seen in your life! There are a great many similar games in the world, but Candy Crush Saga stands out from their background due to excellent graphics, funny soundtrack, and unusual ideas.

Candy Crush Saga

4 / 5

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Publish Date: 2020-03-25
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