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Clash Royale review

Supercell released their new project - Clash Royale at soft launch. The synchronous multiplayer and recognizable setting of Clash of Clans quickly attracted a lot of users to the game. Clash Royale is primarily a MOBA - Card Battler, with full synchronous multiplayer.


At first glance, Clash Royale is a strategy with the simplest rules. By the beginning of the battle on different sides of the screen, opposite each other, there are 3 towers - these are the "bases" of rival (live and real) players. Exactly in the center of the screen, the territory is divided by two bridges - the warriors you create will walk along with them. The halves of the screen to the bridges - the territories into which we can summon our creatures - for this, we constantly collect the "elixir" (the local analog of "mana"). But then they act independently. The winner is the one who destroys more opponent's towers in 3 minutes of the main (and 2 - added) time. The goal of every battle in Clash Royale is to destroy the enemy castle and/or demolish as many buildings as possible. The latter is turned on when both players have the castle intact, and the round is not over yet. Clash Royale bases player development on mining and upgrading cards. Due to the ability to customize the deck for yourself, having a limit of eight active cards, you can easily think out excellent strategies - you can attack only with weak cards, launch tactical formations from cavalry under cover of archers.


Clash Royale doesn't have some great soundtrack or just catchy tunes. The voice acting of the characters, strikes, and skills is important here. After a couple of nights of playing, you remember how the summoned characters sound - and you begin to navigate the game not only with your eyes but also by sound. 

Replay value

Despite the relatively small retention, the game demonstrates good attachments and metagame to ensure player retention. Goal management, map management, meta content, and a chest system provides about 20 battles per day for the involved user. The game is also loyal to players who do not have the opportunity to play every day. 

Clash Royale

4 / 5

Author: Supercell
Latest Version: 3.2.1
Publish Date: 2019-11-28
Size: 106M