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Coin Master review

Coin Master is a kind of variation on the theme of slot machines with deeper gameplay. The project is based on fun competition within its own audience, for which some simple but very daring game mechanics are used. 

Game Process

The main gameplay element in this project is a slot machine, the reel of which is classically divided into 3 sections. Each section is divided into 6 parts, indicating the type of game content:

  1. Coin - in different combinations allows you to get a small increase in coins to your piggy bank.
  2. Money bag - also gives you the opportunity to increase your account, but by a large number of coins.
  3. Energy capsule - when a full combination falls out, restores a certain number of drum rotations.
  4. Hammer - with a full combination, allows you to attack a random opponent or take revenge on the one who attacked your own camp. You get coins for attacking.
  5. Shield - with a full combination on the reel, it makes it possible to reflect the attack of other players without damaging buildings. After repelling the attack, the shield breaks. You can have up to three shields at the same time.
  6. Pig - when a full combination falls out, it allows you to go to a raid in order to steal all money savings from a random user - Coinmaster.

Camp Construction 

The uniqueness of the gameplay is that you will build your own camps and advance in the level by sabotaging other players. Moreover, the project does not provide an opportunity to refuse these actions, since they all depend on the combinations that appear on the slot machine. This important nuance makes the game distinctive, unlike other mobile casual games.

There are 205 villages on the Coin Master global map. Each of them is a caricature of a particular era or event and is filled with original flavor and characteristic elements. For example, in the village of Ancient Egypt, you can build a pyramid, erect a monument to the Pharaoh, create a chariot, have a totem animal, and break a wonderful oasis.

To move to the next village, you need to create 5 objects and complete all possible improvements. Naturally, pumping requires coins, which are the main resource of Coin Master.


Collecting cards has been added to Coin Master for variety. In total, the game features 54 thematic collections, and their number is growing with each update. Cards drop from special chests that are found in raids or given for moving to a new village. In addition, there are chests in the in-game store:

For completing the collection, you can get 50 or more energy capsules that make it possible to use a slot machine, as well as a special pet. Pets give a bonus to various actions. For example, if in a raid you do not collect the entire bank of your opponent, then the pet (in this case, the Fox) will allow you to pick up up to 80% of the coins from the remainder.

For any effective action, pets receive experience points that can be spent on pumping their level. The higher the level, the better the characteristics of the selected animal. Also, the pet needs to be fed from time to time so that it continues to give a unique bonus.

Coin Master

4 / 5

Author: Moon Active
Latest Version: Varies with device
Publish Date: 2020-03-18
Size: Varies with device