Dainese Smart Jacket airbag vest with D-air technology

Dainese expands its offer of motorcycle protection clothing with Smart Jacket, the first airbag vest equipped with D-air technology, which automatically detects dangerous situations, activating itself when needed, with an enveloping and uniform shield. This is thanks to a patented technology with internal microfilaments.

The result of over 25 years of development and research, D-air brings to the road a system used in racing by MotoGP champions, with high levels of versatility and impact protection even when stationary, which marks a new milestone for its technology.

The Dainese Smart Jacket airbag vest, available in both men’s and women’s versions, can be worn in various ways, always guaranteeing the necessary safety. Wearable over or under any jacket or outfit, it does not require connection systems to the bike, regardless of clothing.

Being foldable, it can be stored in a backpack or in the top case, confirming also in this case its versatility, in the form of ease of use. The brain is the activation algorithm, managed by the electronic control unit, which analyzes a thousand times per second the data transmitted by the 7 sensors it is equipped with, to detect any dangerous situations and activate the system only when necessary.

The experience gained in the field and the continuous research have allowed to refine this calculation procedure over time, bringing it to an extremely refined level. This allows the system to capture, in a precise way, the circumstances at risk, even in case of impact when the vehicle is stationary.

The task of protecting the Smart Jacket is entrusted to Shield, the airbag with patented Dainese technology that covers the torso and back, managing to guarantee protection equal to that of 7 level 1 back protectors, even without having any rigid protector inside. It’s easy to see the advantages in terms of lightness and practicality.

The ventilation is very careful, thanks to the ventilated outer fabric of the jacket, which contains a great innovation inside: the Shield is in fact folded on itself so as to allow, under normal driving conditions, the passage of air in the front. This Dainese airbag vest, also good for facing the rain, will be available from July in stores, in six different sizes, both in the male and female version, at the price of 599 euros.

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