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Hole.io review

Hole.io is the successor to Agar.io. It is a synchronized multiplayer PvP game with a low entry threshold and a short session. The game was potentially not supposed to be successful - it's simple, predictable, and constant updates get in the way of the process. But surprisingly, it was in the simplicity that the secret was hidden - it is impossible to tear yourself away from it.

What Is It

You play as a black hole and must absorb as many objects in the city as possible before your rivals do it. The winner is the one who "grew" the largest black hole. 

In the project, the player controls a black hole. The more the hole eats objects on the map, the larger it is. In addition to the user hole, there are also holes of other players on the map. Holes can also absorb each other. The winner is the player who "ate" the most objects and became the largest in two minutes of the game session.

Hole.io is an awesome casual game that will keep you hooked for hours. Be careful, it is not so easy to break away from it.

Dominate And Destroy

Probably everyone loves io games, where you need to get bigger and bigger and become the biggest on the map! But, everyone is tired of 2D stylistics with poor-quality drawing, where graphics are present only for show. This project combined all the best features of the genre but also brought something innovative - well-developed graphics.

The gameplay has not changed much - you will start with a very small black hole, which gradually grows into a huge death machine that will devour everything in its path! And you will rage infamous cities of the world.

Control Your Fun

This game has very simple OneTouch controls, which will make it accessible even for a beginner, and its high complexity will be a serious test even for a professional gamer. Colorful and detailed 3D graphics, melodic soundtrack, and entertaining game mechanics will be the main advantages of this arcade.

In order to win, you need to swallow everything around with the help of a black hole. The number of absorbed items will show a percentage bar at the top of the display. Can you absorb 100%? Start with small items: benches, trees, people and cars, watch your black hole grow, and then you can absorb larger objects, up to skyscrapers! 


4 / 5

Author: VOODOO
Latest Version: 1.6.9
Publish Date: 2020-02-06
Size: 90M