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Jitsi Meet review

Jitsi Meet is a free open source video conferencing software. The platform uses the open WebRTC standard for Internet communications. To use this app, you have to launch it in the browser. 

Interface and navigation

The interface of Jitsi Meet is quite intuitive and simple. The display name is displayed in the upper right corner. By default, all members see each other by the same "Fellow Jitster" name. This is inconvenient to communicate. It is better to immediately choose a name for yourself (just click on the rectangle in the upper right corner). The name "Brother Dog" is selected in the picture. Wait for your friends to join. (The bunny has a worse camera on your laptop.) On the right side of the chat, a column of small windows is you and your interlocutors. Here you can see their faces (if cameras are on) and names (aliases). Move your cursor to the bottom of the chat room screen. The menu bar appears. Now take a look at the three central buttons:

  • The central button (red) - "hang up", end the chat. Before leaving, you will be asked to assess the quality of the connection (this is optional).
  • Left - enable / disable microphone.
  • On the right - enable/disable the camera.

If more than one microphone or camera is connected to your computer, then by clicking on the small arrows next to the icons, you can select the desired microphone and/or camera.


Agree with your friends about the chat time and send them (for example, by email) a link like https://meet.jit.si/name, where name is an arbitrary combination of letters and numbers, come up with it yourself. Better if it is something original (not / chat / talk / meet). There is less chance that a random passer-by will wander into the chat. The browser may ask for permission to access the microphone and video camera. Click on the "Allow access ..." buttons. (This request may look different on different browsers and operating systems.) You may notice that a camera icon appears in front of the address in the browser, and a small icon appears at the top of the screen in the center (example for Firefox): The working chat room looks like this. It is you. 

Security features

The Jitsi web client has a slight problem in the Firefox browser because it doesn't support simulcast very well. As a result, if a user joins the conference on Firefox, everyone else has a dramatic increase in CPU load and battery consumption. The app is encrypted by default.

Jitsi Meet

4 / 5

Author: 8x8, Inc
Latest Version: 20.2.3
Publish Date: 2020-04-24
Size: 28M