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Minecraft review

Despite the maximum stylization, the extremely selectively working gravity, and many other small details that should constantly remind you that you are in the game, it turns out just the opposite. The world outside the window seems extremely real, like the moans of zombies at night behind the thin wall of a hastily built shelter. You feel like Naf-Naf, and in the morning, having made the first wooden pickaxe, you go to get a stone to strengthen the house. Because it's creepy, and you want to defend yourself - just like in reality.

Easy Start

Perhaps part of the matter is that you don't do anything special in Minecraft. From the very beginning, your hero simply lives in a randomly generated world full of dangers and opportunities. Lives and tries to get as comfortable as possible. Everything starts literally in an open field: you appear in a new universe practically naked and defenseless. You have nothing but your own hands, with which you need to extract as many resources as possible (at first it is, as a rule, wood, and earth) and build a house from them. Or a dugout. Or a castle. Yes, even a box with a door. In short - a room behind the walls of which you can hide from zombies, skeletons, spiders, and other evil spirits that go hunting after sunset.

Stay Cautious

Be careful - it's like the first free dose of a drug. You haven't really started to play yet, you haven't gotten involved, but you can guarantee with almost one hundred percent certainty that, while waiting for the sunrise in your first squalid dugout, look around, look at the bare brown walls and feel the desire to make it all somehow ... more elegant. This is where a long dive into Minecraft usually begins. For the first, slightly clumsy architectural experiments, more mature works come, the shelter ceases to resemble the den of a bachelor bear, grows upward and in breadth. An understanding of how the incomparable crafting system works. And you - the deity taking apart the world brick by brick - swallow the hook deeper and deeper.

Brighten Your World

Minecraft also has another useful ability - to arrange unexpected adventures almost out of the blue. Every morning you leave the house, not knowing exactly when and with what you will return and what you will have to go through in the process. Maybe you are in for a fight for a life worthy of Jack London's heroes. Maybe the wolves in the forest will eat you. Maybe you will go to get some sand to make normal windows in the house (in Minecraft, you can also make glass), dig in the wrong place, and a little deeper than necessary, and fall into a deep cave, dying and losing everything you gained by back-breaking labor.



4 / 5

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