Motorcycle bags, ideal for traveling with everything you need

You’re planning a motorcycle trip and you don’t know how to organize your luggage because of the lack of space on the bike, and that’s what the motorcycle bags are for, more commonly the side bags, which enrich the bike giving the possibility to carry a lot of things.

Especially when you start the adventure you need to be prepared for any weather conditions, so it is better to bring with you different technical clothing and accessories.

The container par excellence to carry on two wheels is the backpack, light, comfortable and made of fabrics resistant to rain and shock.

The shoulders are therefore well equipped, while the bike can be equipped with the back case and the bags, better if soft.

This accessory is enjoying great success among motorcyclists who love to travel, who are spoilt for choice among the many models on the market.

Motorcycle bags: the main features

The choice of bags should be made based mainly on the type of motorcycle you own. Sports bikes can also be equipped with bags.

The road enduro bikes are designed for their assembly and for that of the top cases: some models have these accessories in the parent company’s equipment.

The soft bags compared to the rigid ones have the advantage of being more comfortable, even if a little less robust.

The solution is easier, because the bags are made of resistant and strong fabrics like Cordura, light and not bulky.

Leather, on the other hand, is a classic of the customised ones, but it is not very resistant to water, besides being dangerous for the bodywork due to rubbing.

Usually motorcycle bags made of fabric are equipped with waterproof hoods, but to ensure maximum protection against rain, just equip yourself with internal bags, at least to protect the most precious objects.

Unlike rigid bags the soft ones don’t need an auxiliary frame, but you only need a rigid bag structure where to attach the straps.

As an alternative, you can use the saddle mounts with the straps provided.

Motorcycle bags are aesthetically pleasing: the best models are preformed and shaped even for sports bikes. Since they can be easily removed, it is important to be careful against malicious persons.

The bags can be defined as “soft bags” because they are light, practical, not bulky but very capacious.

Motorcycle bags: the best models

Among the best, made of cordura, the A-Pro Pair of Side Bags Moto Touring Sport: waterproof, with high resistance magnets, large internal and external pockets, lower straps to allow fixing with reinforcements, lightweight, very capacious and easy to carry thanks to the shoulder strap. 32 €.

Givi EA100B Soft Side Bags Easy: this pair of 40 liters expandable side bose is equipped with attachment system by means of straps with tear-off closure and a central safety belt. Included are the rain cover, shoulder strap, 2 tubular elastics with hooks and rigid plastic reinforcements. 92 €.

Cheaper Autokicker Classic bags made of 1680D fabric with coating, waterproof zippers that can also be opened with gloves, reflective edges and PE insert included to keep the shape and support the load optimally. 58 €.

Lampa 90269 T-Maxter are bags made of polyester with inserts for visibility, variable capacity from 16 to 24 liters and multiple pockets very comfortable with zippers and nylon rain hood. 50 €.

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