Motorcycle neck warmer, which to choose to fight the cold

When traveling many kilometers on two wheels, it is easy to encounter different climatic conditions even during the same day, crossing flat, mountainous, hilly terrain, more or less cold winds. Especially in winter it is good to protect your body from the bad weather and low temperatures that are felt much more at high speed. The motorcycle neck warmer is therefore a very useful accessory to complete the equipment of the perfect biker.

In order to face the cold, all the technical clothing is available on the market, such as the tracksuit, the jacket/pants, the gloves and the various rain cover kits to protect yourself as much as possible from the water that could infiltrate in critical points such as the neck, the wrists and the waist.

To block the cold air that in winter (but also in other seasons) infiltrates the delicate and highly exposed area of the neck, the only effective solution is the neck guard (or padded schooner). Despite the fact that motorcycle jackets are equipped with collars and more or less “airtight” closure systems, greater protection is required when the cold is felt or when travelling at high altitudes.

Motorcycle neck warmers: types and features

Annoying problems such as stiff neck, sore throat and colds are always lurking for motorcyclists who brave low temperatures, even just wandering around the city for short trips.

The classic neck warmer is a kind of tubular “sock” that you wear very easily eliminating the risk of any draft between the collar of the jacket and the helmet. There are models of different types, more or less long, windproof and/or waterproof, suitable both for short trips in the city and for longer journeys, therefore for demanding journeys. The motorcycle neck guard is useful not only in the saddle, but also during stops or when you go out without a motorcycle, so we can define it a very functional accessory. Obviously there are different price ranges depending on the product.

A specific neck warmer for the bike is the bib, a more opaque and functional accessory that repairs not only the throat, but also the upper chest and back, for maximum comfort even below zero. In fact, it is easy for the body to be exposed to whirlwinds of air that get in behind the back and in the chest, which are very dangerous for the health.

Motorcycle neck warmers: the best models

Tucano Urbano is a brand that offers high-quality technical motorcycle products. Its collar warmer 614 is available in 13 different colours and is made of stretch fabric for optimal comfort, with a guaranteed fit and protection from cold wind.

The thermal protection for the neck of OJ Atmosfere Metropolitane is very effective: in polyester the collar warmer has a windproof membrane and is equipped with a practical and functional elastic adjustment system to better adhere to the neck.

The BMW motorbike schooner or neck warmer is a classic model suitable for the cold months thanks to its fleece lining that guarantees warmth in all conditions. Equipped with the Windstopper membrane it is effective against the wind.

The Wrapp WB harness by Rev’it is perfect for motorcycling enthusiasts: a truly excellent model, waterproof, windproof and ideal for the winter season, even the most rigid.

Halvarssons Neckcollar is a motorcycle bib with a size that we can define “generous”: ideal model for bikers who use a jet helmet because it covers the front part of the chin, has an elasticated back for a perfect fit.

Dainese is perhaps the most famous brand for technical garments and could not fail to offer a bib worthy of its name: Cilindro WS is equipped with an inner part in breathable thermal fabric, while the front and back areas provide protection from the wind with the Windstopper membrane. The seams are flat for comfort and fit.

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