Motorcycle shoes, how to choose the right model

Traveling by motorcycle is a passion, a pleasant experience guaranteed by suitable clothing that allows you to live it in absolute serenity. On two wheels what counts most is safety, that’s why it is important that every accessory, such as motorcycle shoes, is carefully chosen.

A detail not to be underestimated because, like the rest of the body, the feet must be protected in the right way with quality footwear that allows a good grip on the pedals without limiting the sensitivity.

Motorcycle shoes: the main features

The first doubt that arises to the motorcyclist who is about to buy, especially for the first time, motorcycle shoes is: shoes or boots? As far as safety is concerned, shoes cannot replace 100% boots, but they can be a good addition or alternative for short trips (for example in the city or when you know you have to walk).

The issue of comfort is very subjective. Technical boots are definitely suitable for the track, but they can also be used safely on the road, especially Gore – Tex leather touring boots, to find a compromise between comfort and safety.

However, motorcycle shoes have among the main features a high structure, like an ankle boot, so that the ankle is embraced and protected. The material used for good motorcycle shoes is rain/windproof and the sole must necessarily be in rubber to avoid slipping on the pedal.

As far as the protections are concerned, both shoes and boots must have padding at ankle and shin height, plus a lateral reinforcement and an additional one for off-track models that is called “soap”, which protects the boot from ground rubbing. This type of reinforcement can be removed and then replaced once it wears out or is damaged.

The models for long journeys are Touring models and provide the main protections ensuring optimal comfort, being very soft and comfortable on the foot, so they can be worn for a long time.

If you face cold and frost in winter on the bike you need optimal protection for your feet even with sneakers made of water-repellent material with a wool lining maybe; leather ankle boots with a Tex-hour membrane are ideal, many of which are made with wide Velcro closures and an ankle ring for adjustment. The high quality technical leather or fabric shoes have a water and weather resistant inner lining.

Do you have to wear boots or motorcycle shoes in the summer that make your foot sweat a lot? For trips in high and medium temperatures there are safe and fashionable sport models on the market in perforated leather or microfibre with a high level of protection, rubber inserts, light and breathable thanks to the air intakes.

Motorcycle shoes: the best models

The Dainese is always a guarantee as far as technical accessories are concerned, such as the Nightthawk gtx ankle boots in cowhide with Gore – Tex membrane that adapt to all types of weather conditions, equipped with reflective inserts on the heel and side, € 180.

TCX X-Move wp technical shoes are high and with suede upper and wear-resistant fabric, equipped with waterproof lining. € 149.

Rev’IT Apache boots are very suitable for long journeys thanks to a sturdy construction. The upper is a blend of suede and full-grain cowhide, while the lining has a breathable membrane that guarantees waterproofing and warmth: € 200.

Alpinestrars has designed a sporty, safe, lightweight and fashionable model with the Stadium Riding Shoe (€ 140), ideal for short trips in summer thanks to the internal mesh fabric, toe and heel protectors, double density rubber inserts in the ankles and foot stabilizing insoles.

Microfibre Sektor Riding Shoe, very breathable and safe with suede inserts on the heel, € 120.

For female bikers the Dainese Air Lady, made of cowhide leather, are very stylish and high quality, abrasion resistant and allowing ventilation and breathability, but with rigid inserts for greater solidity (€ 140).

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