Motorcycle Suit: How to choose the right one

To make a trip on a motorbike, whether it is long or short, it is important to be able to drive and move freely and comfortably. All clothing and accessories must be chosen carefully so as not to make mistakes, especially with regard to safety.

The motorcycle suit is a very important technical garment, which the more sporty motorcyclists prefer to the jacket and pants, which can also be very stylish and gritty.

Motorcycle tracksuit: the characteristics

The most important functions that the motorcycle suit performs are two: the first is to protect the port during the trip from weather conditions, but especially during possible crashes; the second is to increase the aerodynamic characteristics during the ride, especially at high speeds, following the movement: in fact, the suit is an essential element especially on the track, but can also be comfortable for long journeys in the saddle.

But how to choose the right model? Divisible motorcycle suits are certainly more suitable for the road, they are equally protective but allow the upper or lower part to be removed independently (think of the stops along the way). Whole models, on the other hand, are designed to ride on the track because they guarantee protection and aerodynamics.

As far as materials are concerned, modern motorcycle suits are made from cowhide (with variable thicknesses but always above 1 millimeter) to adapt well to the body and guarantee safety standards. Other materials are Gore-Tex, Nylon and Hitex.

The choice of the model must be based on some objective evaluations: the fit and comfort must be considered in the riding position: a suit will never be comfortable when you straighten up (for this reason for touring motorcycles are better those that can be divided); in fact, it does not allow to raise the arms for example, instead the movements at the guide must be able to be performed without restrictions. The motorcycle suit must be tight but not tight, it must not hurt or block the breath (always in the riding position) and instead give the feeling of “excess material” in some places (for example on the buttocks) to allow you to be comfortable on the saddle.

Some practical tips for the test in the shop:

  1. Ask to be able to try on the suit with a back protector, so you’ll make sure you can put it as low as possible so it doesn’t squeeze on your chest.
  2. Try the suit with a petticoat and once worn try to spread your knees by putting yourself in the driving position.
  3. Don’t think the suit will sag one size, it only fits the body and won’t spread.
  4. Also try the helmet to make sure it doesn’t bother you by touching the aerodynamic hump when you look up.
  5. Safety is essential: the thickness of the skin is important and the weak points of the suit are those near the seams (which must be few and very thin).
  6. The suit must have CE protection inserts on shoulders, elbows, knees and shins; it is also important to know that the aerodynamic hump does not replace the back protector in terms of safety.

Motorcycle suit: the best models

The motorcycle suit is a very technical piece of clothing that can cost a lot in economic terms. It is certainly worth investing in if the bike is used not only for tourist purposes but also on the track. Think for example of the Dainese D-Air Mugello model (€ 4,000) which is made of professional leather with the help of Valentino Rossi, 25 new features, many innovations and technologies bringing the production company to excellence.

Certainly more affordable models are also available from Dainese itself, which for demanding motorcyclists, however, offers suits at half the price (€ 1,800), such as the Racing Kyalamu Race openwork suit, suitable for the summer season and use on the track.

Made according to MotoGP technologies and CE certified also that of Alpinestras Atem V3 1 Pc with perforated panels, elasticated inserts, removable multilayer lining and removable internal protections, at 1200 €.

As for the divisible motorcycle suit ideal for off track use, Assen by Dainese guarantees an optimal balance between aggressive design and safety; made of cowhide with removable lining, it has a collar with elasticated insert, certified protections, soft inserts and interchangeable soaps.

Prexport Misano Black Gun is a divisible full-grain leather suit with removable protections, fabric inserts, double reinforcement on the buttocks and front zip closure on wrists and calves; it is also adjustable at the waist with laces for an excellent fit (600€).

For women in the saddle Dainese makes the Veloster leather suit with certified protections, rear aerodynamic hump, lining, elasticated inserts and leg bottom adjustment with double zip.

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