Motorcycle trips, news from the motorcycle bags market

Motorcycling is a rapidly growing phenomenon in our country. This is testified not only by the reading data of our articles on motorbike itineraries or travel advice, but also by the statistics on Italian “bikers” who leave on the saddle towards their destination.

During 2020, the growth of these travelers increased by 5% compared to the previous year, with a strong incidence of the largest and most powerful motorcycle segments, such as enduro, sports and maxi-cylinder bikes.

The pleasure of motorcycle travel

Travelling on a motorcycle is therefore an increasingly popular choice, and the advantages of using your own two-wheeler, starting with greater freedom, therefore outweigh any possible weaknesses of the vehicle. In this we must also thank the market, so to speak, which in recent years has proposed increasingly better solutions to make the travel experience more comfortable.

Getting ready for your holiday

We refer in particular to the increasingly varied world of luggage and luggage for motorcycles, because – let’s face it – one of the first problems when dealing with the organization of the trip is precisely that of the things to take with you. And the big brands in the sector, starting with GiVi and Kappa, have prepared some really interesting new products for motorcyclists, with the latest generation and decidedly avant-garde products for the new season coming up.

The new proposals for bags

As for the other types of accessories for two-wheelers, also motorcycle bags and suitcases can be purchased today on different channels, with traditional stores that have been joined (and in some cases outdated, both for convenience and for prices offered) by online portals: in this case, to refer to the costs of the items we will mention, we will use the price list of OmniaRacing, one of the “oldest” specialized eCommerce in the Italian motorcycle aftermarket scene, active for over a decade in support of bikers.

GiVi’s creations

When it comes to extra luggage, the thought immediately goes to GiVi, the world’s leading manufacturer of these components. The latest creation by Giuseppe Visenzi and partners is called Ultima T, and is an accessory as simple as it is ingenious. It is, in practice, a soft bag to put inside a suitcase and top case (always GiVi, of course!) to extract in an easier way all the objects we have put in it. As for the other proposals in the range, among the most popular are the Gravel T bags, to which the Canyon variant has recently been added.

The Gravel T

This last line of motorcycle bags has a different type of attachment, made of thermoplastic material reinforced with fiberglass, which thanks to the plate is adaptable to any side frame, even original; the price to the public for the Gravel T base range varies from about 50 euros, necessary for the pouch bag, to 125 euros of the waterproof bag with capacity 40 liters.

Kappa’s alternatives

Kappa responds with the new Garda collection, a set of rigid suitcases characterized by a modern look and designed primarily for maxi-enduro owners who need a versatile and good quality product; in this case you can compose a kit with the aluminum top case and the side cases (the latter, with a combined cost of 322 euros, can be converted into top cases), suitable for a wide range of bikes and needs.

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