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Roblox review

The Roblox project is a constructor for the MMORPG genre, which means that you can invite your friends and play Roblox online, build and enjoy the gameplay in a pleasant company. It would seem that the game is very similar to LEGO and Minecraft, but it has its own characteristics, both graphic and plot. The main difference is the presence of a huge number of mini-games and various passable maps with various tasks. 

First Start

The first thing you need to do is figure out the customization process. Customization is the preparation of the game character for his first entry into the game world: choosing clothes, appearance, skin color, shoe size, and so on. Here you can embody any of your fantasies regarding the creation of a hero. The game does not have a clear plot, and, therefore, there will be no division into classes among the characters. But, fortunately, there is everyone's favorite opportunity for the development and "pumping" of the hero. A pleasant nuance is also how much money you get will depend on the number of your party members, and you can already spend it on various things and items for your character.

Why Is It So Successful

It's not about primitive pixel art. It's all about the freedom provided, without any restrictions and rules - you do whatever you want: build, break, shoot, buy, assemble, and much more. It is worth focusing on the word "shooting", because it is necessary to play Roblox online, which means there will be other guys who want to break your building or take your items. Accordingly, you will have to defend yourself against enemies. To do this, the game provides special areas for hot shootouts, which were built by the players themselves. 

Mini Games

You can not only shoot from different weapons here. Also, various competitions, mini-games, racing races, and quests are held on these sites, which are also invented by the players themselves. Take, for example, one of the most popular maps in the game: Roblox: Prison Break (or Prison life). From the name, it is already clear what will need to be done there. You can play the role of either a jailer or a warden. The task of the guards is to keep an eye on the jailer, and the jailer must try to escape into the wild and not be seen by the guards. Everything is as simple as in a real prison, only this is a computer game Roblox: Prison Break. 


4 / 5

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