Plugin audit

Don’t know how to improve your browser extension? provides the full audit of your plugin and helps to find ways to make it better and more useful.

Technical Audit provides full technical analysis of your extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The audit consists of next parts:

  1. Full code audit. Our high-skilled programmers will verify all plugin’s Javascript code.
  2. Testing. Our QA will create the list of scenarios and data sets to find all issues and bugs.
  3. Pentesting. We will check more than 100 security holes.

In the result, you will receive a document with all found technical issues, bugs and recommendations for improvements.  

Duration and price of Technical Audit depend on the complexity of the extension.

UI/UX audit

To improve the usability of your browser extension provides useful UI/UX audit. Our high-skilled design and usability specialist will verify more than 150 scenarios of plugin usage.

In the result, you will receive the document with a full description of improvements you should do to improve browser extension.

Duration and price of UI/UX Audit depend on the complexity of the extension.

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