Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

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Imangi Studios

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Temple Run 2 review

Temple Run 2 is a sensible and delicate continuation of the first Temple Run, so from the point of view of gameplay, revelations should not be expected. On the contrary, everything is familiar here: run ahead and overcome obstacles on your way. The further you run, the better. Imangi Studios managed to release a completely balanced sequel - all the previous ideas did not undergo drastic changes but were only developed. As a result, we got almost an old hit, but in a new, more pleasant to the eye and to the hand's wrapper.


It's not that simple as in the first part. In addition to jumping over abysses and tackles, you will have to turn in the right direction in time, and also descend at breakneck speed along the suspended ropes. And it will not always be possible to move on foot - sometimes you will need to cut through mysterious caves on a trolley and try to fit into a turn or not fall off a lonely rail track. At the same time, collecting coins. 

Coins & Crystals

You will have to spend as many coins as you get to buy various bonuses for more successful play. For example, a temporary acceleration or automatic collection of the same coins - you seem to turn into a magnet and persistently attract values ​​scattered here and there. By the way, one of these superpowers can be made permanent and called by double touching the screen.

But those are coins, and there are also green crystals. There are few of them, which automatically increases their value. And it is not surprising - they allow you to resurrect a poor running fellow if you fail to perform the necessary somersault and are caught by an ancient demon. By the way, the victim can change his appearance - in Temple Run 2, we are allowed to choose heroes. But not free, of course.


In addition to coins and crystals, we also accumulate experience. It is given for completing intermediate missions like "run a certain distance" or "activate some ability a certain number of times." The more experienced, the higher the level of the character. Well, the higher the level, the more abilities we are provided to discover. Special abilities are quite expensive.

Temple Run 2

4 / 5

Author: Imangi Studios
Latest Version: 1.65.2
Publish Date: 2020-03-22
Size: 100M